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Apparently confession time is about once a month here on M.I.O.H. Either I'm overly honest, strapped for content, or just a person with lots of bad things on my conscience. Whatever it is, I am happy to share with the wonderful readers of this well-read, under-commented blog.

Yeah. Why doesn't anyone comment? I get over 100 views a day and practically 1 comment a week. Explain!

So, confession one: I screwed up. I think I mentioned earlier that I was sick for about 4 days (I called it "zombie sick" if you recall) and I didn't take my Rockin' Wellness shake, which put me 4 days behind on my 45 Day Challenge. If my math is right, and I did get 4th place in an Ontario-wide math challenge years ago, I should be completing it on April 4th - the day before Calvin's birthday. So I will be in tip top shape to celebrate 27 years of my choice-guy being on Earth. Hoo-rah.

Here's the dumb part. Why did I stop taking it while I was sick? Well, my honest answer is I felt gross and appetite-less so I just didn't want to think about going in the kitchen, mixing it up, drinking it. Instead I used unsweetened applesauce to keep me alive. But now that I think about it, all those nutrient-packed super foods would have been perfect for my immune system. Probiotics especially.

See, I'm of the school that our bodies know what they're doing. All a body needs to stay in prime health is the right tools - nutrient-rich fruits and veggies - the missing puzzle pieces that our bodies' incredible systems utilize to bring things back to homeostatis (the state of being balanced). If I scape my knee skateboarding (yeah, I'm 25 and still use this as an example. Once a skater, always a skater) my body will use stored proteins and vitamin K to clot the blood, create a scab, and heal with new skin. In the same way, if a nasty flu virus hits, my body will make me tired (saving energy to bring me back to health), maybe give me a runny nose (a form of detox) and possibly become feverish (temperature rising to fight illness). And I know that all the healthy food I've been feeding myself is going to good use. It's one of many reasons that I don't believe in calorie restriction and dieting - we don't need less. We need lots - just the right stuff! Those who portion-control and skip meals are not just lowering the amount of fat or sugar they intake - they are robbing their body of vital assistance for life-sustaining processes.

Okay, that paragraph was longer than needed. Can you see I'm passionate about eating enough?

Confession two, and it will appear silly after I've just ranted about my over-sized appetite: I'm losing weight.

As an already thin person, this doesn't make me happy at all. In fact, I'm a little scared. And that's hard to admit as an educated, confident nutritionist. I help others with their eating choices and overall health, daily, so why am having trouble in my own life?

I think I'm simply expending a lot of energy still breast feeding Oliver so often though he's already over 19 months. I made a choice from the beginning that I would nurse him as long as he needed, and I rarely say no to him.

This has resulted in a bit of a boney appearance, and a definite need for belts daily. Maybe you've seen me lately and haven't even noticed - that's possible. But my sister pointed it out and it confirmed my (probably not worst) fears.

If it's just from nursing, I can solve that. I've already had a talk with Oliver and we're going to attempt, together, to narrow our nursing times down to morning and bed time. If that makes the difference I'll be happy.

I'm just thinking worst case scenario I have some sort of blood sugar or thyroid problem. I've been checked for both in the past and come up in the clear.

If you're wondering: I eat enough in a day. In fact, a lot. Too much, really. The other day I wrote down my day's intake (for my sister to see) and it went something like:

3 Eggs, fried in Olive Oil
1 Bowl plain natural yogurt + blueberries + raw honey
Water + Chocolate shake mix
1/2 mug coffee

1 Banana muffin

2 medium servings whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce + ground beef
1 Bowl Greek salad (with feta)
A whole orange

1 Bowl of applesauce
1/2 mug coffee

2 Pork Souvlaki wraps on whole wheat
with romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lemon-dill dressing
Cheddar cheese

2 Oatmeal-coconut cookies

So... there's certainly no issue with quantity.

Anyways, I'm sure there are people who would say this isn't the arena to discuss this in. My doctor needs to be in on the conversation. That's true. But I feel great to have my loyal readers listening in and understanding the weird things that I go through.

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