Coffee - A Good Drug

6:53 PM

Today while having a conversation with a six year old (we were having a picnic) she poured me a pretend beverage and I asked her what it was.
She said, "I don't know. What do you think?"
And I said, "Is it coffee? Mmmmm."
And she said, "No, coffee is drugs."
This is pretty much like saying Your Deity is dead to a religious person, or Baseball sucks to Joe Long.

I wanted to throw the table over / offer a free science lecture / call Children's Aid. But what I did say was, "I think coffee is good."

So apparently some drugs are good. (Lesson of the day.)

As a coffee enthusiast and nutrition promoter (in that order), I spend a fair bit of time finding medical benefits to being a java-head. I have summarized them for you below. Cheers.

  • When caffeine blocks adenosine in your brain it increases the release of other neurotrasmitters that control your cognitive function. This makes you smarter and increases your memory. It also makes you happier (dopamine).
  • Coffee is nutritious. It is a great source of antioxidants which fight free radicals in your body, keeping you in tip top shape. One cup has decent amounts of B vitamins, potassium and manganese. Coffee reduces your reaction time. No more broken glass.
  • Mood is always increased after coffee ingestion. Not just because it's so great to have a nice chat with a friend over a steaming mug.
  • Coffee drinkers has less cases of heart rhythm issues, and stroke. 
  • Caffeine burns excess fat because it stimulates the nervous system to raise metabolic rate. Studies calculated that your body burns 11-12% more while on coffee.
  • Up to 12oz per day is safe during pregnancy as shown by studies that proved no effect of consumption under 200mg of caffeine.
  • Coffee improves physical performance. It is the go to work out drink of the educated.
  • Coffee reduces your risk of Diabetes. (Between 23-67% to be not exact.) In fact, in studies the more cups of coffee the participants drank, the more their risk decreased.
  • Coffee may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's (60%) and Parkinson's (32-60%).
  • Coffee can protect your liver by lowering your chances of cirrhosis (liver damage) by 80%. Your risk of liver cancer also goes down by 40%. They say 4 cups a day is best for this benefit.
Bottom line, in a large study it was found that people who drink coffee were at a lower risk of death by any cause than those who don't drink it. So stay alive, brew some up!

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