Anti-biotics - Yuck!

9:23 AM

I just finished listening to a CBC Radio program on antibiotics.

The Ontario Medical Association is deeply concerned about the rise in antibiotic resistance seen as of late, largely due to over-prescribing. This is bigger than just needing to take more, different or stronger antibiotics. It will come to a point where they are no longer an option and common illnesses will be able to take many lives like they did in years long ago.

What can we do? Well, the OMA is offering recommendations mainly to the industry, like furthering research, but also this kicker: That doctors should be educated on the fact that viruses should not be treated with antibiotics.


It scares me that doctors don't know this simple fact. A drug that kills bacteria won't fix a problem causes by a virus? This seems elementary. Maybe it's a huge part of this issue. Not only that but they are often quick to allow patients to self prescribe. We've all been there where we go to an appointment, list our ailments and without skipping a beat we suggest a treatment. For me it's always something more natural ("So I'm thinking of using topical tea tree on that. Sound good?") but so many people will just ask for Penecillin.

I strongly urge you to reduce your exposure to antibiotics, your family's exposure and your purchasing of meat that comes from antibiotic-treated animals.

What do you think?

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