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12:00 PM

I am totally, and regretfully, aware of what a bummer my post-infrequency has been lately.

Florida Sunscreen PROBLEMS
I don't think my life has been too busy (well, I am moving tomorrow) or that I've exhausted the list of topics I can write on (although I have almost 250 posts currently).

Maybe I'm just waiting to have the perfect idea for a blog post... Wanna help?

I'll start you off with a list of ideas. If you like one, comment below or email me. Or, feel free to suggest an idea of your own.

As for a quick update on my life, before the list to follow: we are in fact moving homes. From a 3+1 to a 3+1, detached to detached, small-ish backyard but really nice kitchen to medium-ish backyard with pretty nice kitchen. Not an up, not a down, just something new. It's the nomad in us - always moving. I was also major - like zombie - sick for a few days. Working around children has made my illness days per year rate fly through the roof - not pretty. Unsweetened applesauce kept me going. Oh yeah - and that's going to affect my Rockin' Wellness Challenge because I had to pause it for like 4 days. Have I even written about our Florida trip? Wow, blog shame. Well, we went and it was wonderful. Oliver turned 18 months and our marriage turned 3! Okay, on to the list!

So, do you like these ideas?

  • The best natural makeup brands that you can find in a drugstore or Sephora
  • Exactly how to make and store homemade baby food
  • How to pack toddler lunches/snacks
  • Menu planning for a family
  • Why some people give up toilet paper (and how gross is that)
  • How to get internet, phone & tv on the cheap! -- This probably only applies to Canada
  • Amy's Insanely Awesome Egg & Cheese Popover Recipe
  • Amy's Cuckoo Delicious Lemon Poppyseed Loaf with Ginger Glaze
  • Amy's Blow Your Socks Off Tasterific Tuna Cakes, as stolen from Sprout Right
  • Amy's attempt at "The Life Changing Loaf" by My New Roots
  • My Garden 2013
  • How to grow from seed, step by step
  • What vegetables/herbs should I grow
  • Daycare vs Stay at Home Mom
  • Best Restaurants in London
  • Best Restaurants in London if You Eat Gluten-Free
  • Why I love the Fire Roasted Coffee Company (finally)
Okay, I spent a good 90 seconds on that list. Enjoy and give me your comments. And now I will go... you guessed it, put more things in boxes. Ack, pray for good weather in the morning.

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  1. Lots of great ideas there but I would particularly like to learn more about natural makeup brands!


  2. Hey Amy! Could you put up a book list for Momma-Baby nutrition, or some more recipes? xo

  3. I'm actually speaking at a conference in November about that exact topic - www.birthandbeyondconference.ca

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I would love to hear about how to grow seeds step by step as well as how to plan and build a garden!


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