Rockin' Wellness Day 1

12:09 PM

Somehow the stars aligned and today was the first day of my Rockin' Wellness Cleanse Challenge in which I use their nutritional shake every day.

Hip hip hooray! (Can you already see that it's boosted my mood?)

Rather than a lengthy commentary in paragraph form I'll just give you my literal first thoughts. Keep in mind I am bringing all of you along for the whole journey so in a week or so I'll have another update - wouldn't dare leave you hanging!

  • This tastes great! It's actually sweet!
  • I really wish I didn't find my mini-blender broken because stirring a powder into almond milk can be difficult or clumpy
  • Why the heck do I already feel full? Wow
 And then about 10 minutes later:

  • I feel strangely amazing right now
  • I am going to start a DANCE PARTY with Oliver (I did)
  • I don't need coffee today (I drank a few sips then left it)
I had prepared a berry muffin for a morning snack and although I did eat it, I probably didn't need to. I wasn't hungry at all, I just ate it out of habit.

My biggest observation was that I felt emotionally great - like it had boosted my mood. I felt happy, positive and unstoppable. If someone had been hosting live American Idol auditions right then I would have done it. If there had been an opportunity to climb a mountain right then I would have done it. Is that weird?

It's about 2 hours away from 'start prepping dinner' time and I'm half tempted to just have another couple scoops for dinner - maybe I'm addicted? I do, however, have a husband and son to think about so I'll plan to chop some onions in a bit.

Just thought I'd stop in and share my experience so far. I'm so excited for the next 44 days!

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