My true love

3:16 PM

Here is a list of things that I love about my husband, Calvin:

Perfect butternut squash soup every Thanksgiving.

Actually enjoys family get togethers.

Free swimming lessons from a certified lifeguard.

Thinks my eggplant casserole is good.

Cranks Bon Iver in the morning.

Vacuums more than I do.

That time he played quietly with Oliver on a Saturday morning while I slept til after 9.

Knows how to order at Starbucks.

Doesn't use Facebook, Instagram, twitter or tumblr.

Enjoys shopping?

Knows that "it better be fair trade or less".

Smiles when I make hippy dinners, unless its a curry bowl.

Likes me even though I'm a definite weirdo.

I feel safe when he's driving.

I feel safe when I'm sleeping beside him.

Watches the History channel for pleasure.

Picks good friends.

Lets me eat his pickles.

(Photo from 2003.)

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