Cleansing with a Nutritional Shake

1:49 PM

A few weeks ago I read about an awesome product on the blog that a friend of a friend of mine writes - Raw Judita. (You should check out her page - it's sweet - she's a gorgeous red head who eats only uncooked food. Yay.)

The product is called Rockin' Wellness and they make a super foods shake powder that you can drink to replace one meal a day as a sort of cleanse. After talking to them they challenged me to do a 45 day Rockin' Wellness Cleanse. And I couldn't say no!

So (starting shortly) I will be following these directions, for a month and a half:

  • 2 scoops every morning before or instead of breakfast or lunch
  • Mix with 14oz of almond or other non-dairy milk
Note: even when a product is fantastic, a "cleansing challenge" is best if you modify your diet during it too - so I'm going to make an attempt to eat extra raw fruits and vegetables during the 45 days. Also note: I'm going to be using mainly homemade nut milks with no added sugar. This will decrease the amount of calories from carbohydrates, but it'll also affect the taste.

The shake contains tons of amazing stuff like cacao (the rawest form of chocolate), goji berries, yerba mate, chia, maca... I'm in heaven. As a veteran health food store associate - I know the benefits of taking these foods daily will be incredible!

So I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you. I do have some worries. Let me share.

Worry #1

I am a "salty" person all the way. Give me a piece of toast vs a fudgy brownie and I'll take the toast every time. So how am I going to do on the days when I have only a chocolate shake for breakfast? Will I be left craving my usual poached egg, avocado sandwich, etc?

Worry #2

Will I still feel hungry? I have the metabolism of a ravenous cocaine addict. I am constantly eating - this has to do with being a breastfeeder too. So I hope that 2 scoops of this shake will keep me going until lunch.

Worry #3

Will I see a difference? Not to sound vain but I do feel that I'm in good health. I am at a healthy weight, feel good, have many of the indicators of good health (clear skin, afternoon energy, light coloured pee, quickly growing hair...) Often when someone has great success with a program like this you'll hear claims like "I lost 15 lbs! I went off of my diabetes medication! My doctor said my gout was gone!" but what will I say? We'll find out...

So here's my starting point. I am not beginning the 45 days today but I will very soon and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Height: 5 foot 8 inches - I don't suspect this will change :)

Weight: Around 128 (I was last weighed at 120 but I was under a lot of stress then so I think I was lower than usual)

Energy: Pretty good, especially in the morning, but only lasts until about 9pm and then I crash

Hair/skin/nails: Great I think... My hair grows quickly. My nails are average. I guess my hair and skin sometimes feel dry but I credit that to the weather.

Usual diet: "Salty breakfast" with a coffee. Bits and bites here and there throughout the morning (I work around food). A healthy, balanced lunch around noon with fruit for dessert, and water to drink. Another snack in the afternoon that may or may not be healthy. (It can be anything from hummus and cucumber to leftover chocolate cake.) Sometimes a second coffee. More water. Dinner is almost always a protein, a grain and a veggie. I might find a piece of chocolate to eat for dessert. Actually, I do totally crave sugar when I'm done dinner. It's a weird Pavlovian response.

Other concerns: My hormones are weird because I'm breastfeeding. My "moon cycles" are like every 3 months. (Every girl's dream?) My immune system is actually kind of bad right now - most of my life it's been good but the past year or so it's been failing me. Bathroom stuff is all good. I don't exercise much but I still feel strong and flexible.

So I think that's about it! It will be fun to see what happens because of adding this.

Purchase here:

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  1. If you're breastfeeding I'm not sure it's adviseable to skip a meal since you're still 'eating for 2' and obviously not overweight. The shake may affect the snacking, it did for me anyway. I used to eat several small amounts of food throughout the day to try to keep my metabolism engaged and no longer find the desire nor the need. Energy is no longer an issue and I work 2 jobs (my day starts at 2:15am everyday) so that's saying a lot. I think once you get started you'll make whatever adjustments work for you.....but get started bc you're missing out! I ordered my first bag in December, got so excited that I ordered 10 bags in January so I could share with my friends and family and I'm about to have to reorder again!

  2. Already I feel like a million bucks!

    But I get what you're saying - I am on the fence as to whether I should listen to my body and not have a snack because I'm not hungry (the shake fills me til noon easy) or just use my head and eat something for the sake of calories and metabolism...


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