Amy's "Amaretto Sour"

5:11 PM

It was at a Red Lobster probably six years ago that I heard my friend, Brittanie, order an amaretto sour.

It was delicious. Perhaps the first time I'd ever really enjoyed an alcoholic beverage. The unreal mix of amaretto's sweet buttery almond-cherry flavour cut with the acidic punch of lemon. Heaven.

For several years now I've been making a total unauthentic version of this drink based on things I actually keep in the house: butterscotch liqueur, fresh lemon juice and almond extract.

But then...

Recently I realized that J.R. Watkins isn't just * the best natural beauty brand ever * they actually make many other products. From laundry detergent to bug spray to bathroom cleaners to gravy mix, they have it all. And it's totally natural. I love it! Where am I going with this?

I was able to get my hands on J.R. Watkins' line of 100% natural extracts for cooking, baking, etc. (Full disclosure: I did not have to pay for them, in exchange for writing a completely honest review.) The almond extract took one look at me and said: Make me into an amaretto sour. So I did.

Here is my recipe, perfectly by my new addition of J.R. Watkins' 100% natural Pure Almond Extract (which tastes like everything that is good in the world). Keep checking back as I post new recipes using this line. (Spoiler alert - lemon and vanilla are coming up!)

Amy's "Amaretto Sour"
1 part butterscotch liqueur (I use Butter Shots)
1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 part filtered water
1 drop of J.R. Watkins Pure Almond Extract
ice cubes
lemon slices

Combine and shake to mix.

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  2. Ah i just saw this now! You have an incredible memory and I am so trying this recipe - after the baby of course! mmm 6 years later and still my drink of choice!


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