To Do Before 2013

4:16 PM

I have several things that I'd like to do before the New Year is upon us. None of them are Pinteresting in nature.Pinteresting: related in anyway to weight loss, crafting or a living room makeover.

Just for the heck of it, why don't I put it in count down form?

10. Read Sprouted Kitchen (Forte) and True Food (Weil). Beautiful cookbooks by beautiful people.

9. Receive a huge bag of nice second hand clothes from a close friend. Please and thank you.

8. Go to the cottage. Be included in a game of Risk.

7. Take Oliver to the Children's Museum.

6. Force Calvin to host Sausage Fest '12, literally a sausage-making gathering of friends with all of his fancy equipment.

5. Finish writing my novel and put it up on - print one for me, the rest will be e-books.

4. Bring back "Christmas Movie Night Sundays".

3. Enjoy the annual Christmas party with friends, which I hope will feature many an egg nog, in all its glory.

2. Go sledding.

1. See THE GREAT Freaking GATSBY. (DJango Unchained looks pretty good too.)

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