4:09 PM

Here's a fun post inspired by Harvesting Kale - a cool blog about a cool guy!

Oliver is currently.....

OBSESSING over hard-boiled eggs. It's often a challenge to get him to eat a good portion of anything else, but with eggs he just can't get enough.

LOOKING for the perfect time to throw my new iPhone in the toilet.

IMPROVING his use of sign language. He finally realizes that he needs it to communicate and uses it many times a day. Even as a joke.

LEARNING how to drive Mommy crazy. (Note to self: limit Christmas get-togethers to one per year.)

REMEMBERING how fun stroller rides are, by pointing to the garage door signalling me to take him outside.

Calvin is currently.....

OBSESSING over getting up to the cottage. We haven't been in a while. We need it.

LOOKING at real estate. Like always.

IMPROVING his appreciation of coffee. Today he took a huge swig of my black dark-roast.

LEARNING that grocery store frozen pizza is the worst.

REMEMBERING how hilarious Home Improvement with Tim Allen is. We've downloaded all the seasons.

I am currently......

OBSESSING over hydroponic gardening. And the Jaycee Dugard case. And the career path of a lactation consultant. And real estate.

LOOKING to get some sleep. (See Oliver: LEARNING above.)

IMPROVING my ability to French braid.

LEARNING to eat more fruit!

REMEMBERING how it used to feel to sleep past 6:50am.

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