Keeping Cleaning Under Control

1:29 PM

Although I claim to be the queen of green clean, I'm actually a terrible house cleaner. I'm better at coming up with eco-friendly recipes and making suggestions than actually pulling out the vacuum and doing something. The good news is, I love lists. Recently, my husband came up with a fool-proof plan to satisfy my love of checking off "to-do" items and his love of living in a clean home. We each have a weekly cleaning list. Now, he works 40 hours a week at a high-stress fast-paced job, whereas I work 20 at a breezy fun-fest so they aren't perfectly even. They go like this.


Daily | Help Oliver with tidying his room/toys | Sweep after meals

Monday | Laundry
Tuesday | Dust
Wednesday | Showers, tubs
Thursday | Fridge clean-out | Coffee zone clean-up
Friday | Mop wood floors
Random | Take out recycling


Monday | Deep clean kitchen
Tuesday | Vacuum
Thursday | Deep clean bathrooms
Random | Shovel snow/cut grass | Groceries

Daily | Load/empty dishwasher | Tidy

Daily | Put toys in bins when not using | Put cup and bowl back when done

It helps so much to get cleaning done without feeling overwhelmed. If I have only one task at hand I can do it with ease and I feel so accomplished when our home is spic and span. And P.S. I do everything with Dr. Bronner's soap!!

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