Grocery Store Dilemma

11:25 AM

Today I shopped at a different grocery store than I'm used to.

It's a lower-end chain in a lower-income area. And my usual is Sobey's or Loblaw's - so I knew it'd be a little different.

It was a lot different.

You had to pay to get a cart, probably because they are often stolen.

It didn't open until 9am. (What? The stores near me are all 24!)

The shelves were primarily No Name brand, and offered a lot less variety.

Not a single bell pepper looked appetizing. I felt nauseous from looking at them.

I took 2 bags of pita bread, which wiped the shelf clean.

The checkout conveyor belt was about 1 foot long. I filled it like 8 times.

Did I mention they didn't even have strawberries, cherry or grape tomatoes, or any fresh mushrooms what so ever?

I felt really mad, not because I was having a bad time there but because many people have this as their standard. And I'm not saying - you better improve this store! Or, make mine worse! It just bothers me that there's such a massive difference.

I guess it hit me hard because I do these nutrition education talks and I promote things like "For a quick and easy breakfast - just blend some fresh fruit with some flax seed oil and chilled green tea, then sweeten it with raw honey! Delish!" And now I realize - have some of these people even seen flax seed oil? I mean, they can't even get strawberries, maybe I need to cool it on the raw honey promotion.

What do you think? Should the field of nutrition education take income-level into account more? Are we a bunch of snotty nutritionists? I'm interested!

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