Good Christmas Gifts for the "Natural" Toddler

4:52 AM

The Holidays are just around the corner. Did I just say that? Have I become my husband?

Even though my birthday is Saturday and I really should be making a wish list for that I am instead thinking of my little tornado who is currently trying to figure out if his piece of cheese will fit in the XBox. So many commercials and paper flyers circulating now are marketing toys for his age group but I can't help but pray that he won't be given a heap of them. Our home only needs one Elmo!

So here's a list of really nice things that you can buy for a 1 - 2 year old that Mama will be happy about.

Wooden toys

Eco friendly craft supplies

Mini garden tools (and mini versions of other things like kitchen tools)

BPA-free bath boat

Eco friendly training pants

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