Thanksgiving 2012

7:39 AM

I had every intention of writing a hilarious (hilarious!) post about things I'm thankful for.

And then this morning happened.

The three of us woke up early. Calvin and Oliver went to the grocery store while I got dressed and did my make up. They came back with two overflowing bags of vegetables.

My little plaid shirted one year old fell asleep in the wrap on my chest.

Calvin requested the new Mumford and Sons album on and lit a clove-orange candle.

And we made Calvin's Secret Spicy Squash Soup like we have every year for 8 years. He does all the culinary-heavy work while I meticulously cube squash and bell peppers for final garnish. He smashes garlic cloves while I follow behind discarding the bulb paper and washing the sharp knives in between jobs.

Something about the comfort of cooking with my best friend and jamming to the folky banjo while our boy snoozed away was, and is, just so good.

It made me feel silly to write a joking post when I really am thankful for my family.

But I'm still not sharing the recipe!

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