18 ways for 18 days - Update #1

12:57 PM

Day 1 of the challenge to only use Dr. Bronner's soaps for 18 every day purposes went well. But already I've learned something.

Lesson #1: Peppermint is not the best choice for removing eye make up!

That minty chill you get from a fresh piece of gum is not as refreshing when it's in your eyeball a few minutes before bed.

So I've made up this helpful list of which scents I like best for which uses:

Peppermint - Brushing teeth or anything mouth related (mouth wash). Massaging into your scalp to promote hair growth.

Almond - Dishes (mmmm). Washing the floor mats in your car.

Baby mild (unscented) - Eye make up remover. Cleaning a baby of course.

Citrus - Kitchen cleaning! Squirt a little on your shower floor before turning it on for an instant aromatherapy steam bath.

Lavender - Body scrubbing in the bath tub - so soothing. Rinsing a rash or bug bite.

Tea tree - Lice treatment. Foot wash if you have fungus or even bad smelling feet.

(I've never used Rose or Eucalyptus.)


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