You Know You're the Mom of a 1 Year Old When...

5:45 AM

Next weekend one of my very best friends gets married and the weekend after that is Thanksgiving, but it's also...

Oliver's 14 month birthday!

Okay, I'm not a dork enough to celebrate every single month. "Celebrate" in my mind maybe but I'm not going to bore you with - OMG, He's 475 days old today! OMG, He officially has 5 freckles! OMG, He said his 20th word this morning! I am not that mom.

But as time goes on I do realize some hilarious changes to my life, so here goes nothing: You Know You're the Mom of a 1 Year Old When...

* You get 28 extra minutes of sleep on Saturday morning and you cheer like a baseball fan (This happened an hour ago)
* You think a healthy breakfast is coffee and whatever Cheerios fall on the floor (or sometimes Goldfish)
* You purposefully volunteer to change the pee-only diapers because you know a dirty one's coming soon and you wanna pass it off to someone else
* You type the first letter of you email address hoping it will auto-fill to sign in and what comes up is this: (an actual list of mine)

z           (Sorry, childless friends, but signing into email is in fact a challenge when you are a parent. Don't let that scare you, there's always the stay signed in button.)
* The last viewed video on YouTube is Jason Mraz on Sesame Street
* You have personally penned such hit songs as "We're Gunna Eat Our Banana Today", "If I'm Mad I Can Just Say No", "Mama is Peeing But She'll Be Right Back", "I am So Careful, Yes I Am" and "That is Daddy's PS3 So I Can't Touch"
* You get stoked for dinner containing sriracha or hot chili flakes because the spicy-factor of family meals has dropped to dangerously low
* You've kind of convinced yourself that the fireplace is hot even when it's not running (Consistency!)

And last but not least,

* You can't imagine what you did to be so blessed with this incredible young person who literally changes, and makes better, every molecule of your life. You wake up in the morning and think - God, thank you for letting me be his mother. You have a constant source of joy through any challenge or struggle. You laugh harder, smile more and get shivers at the thought that you have an open invitation to spend the rest of your life in relationship with someone so wonderful.


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