Ecover Review AND New Challenge

4:26 PM

So the good people at recently hooked me up with some Ecover powder laundry detergent.

Here are the stats:

  • This stuff is free of optical brighteners! (That's the yucky stuff they add to make your laundry look artificially better, while making your health look naturally worse.)
    It smells great because it doesn't contain any fragrances. Believe it or not your laundry can smell clean*. *Clean does not mean "like mountains or lemons", think about it.
    The ingredients are plant- and mineral-based.
    It can easily get through my pile of laundry. My pile of laundry by the way is made up of clothes worn by 1) a dietary planner of a day care  (food, kids, sweat) 2) a high-stakes banker (okay, that sounds dramatic, but the guy does sweat) and 3) a dirt-lovin' Mogli-type 13 month old. If this stuff works for me - it will work for you!


Most people don't realize how harmful their detergent is for their skin, lungs and, worst of all, children. Please consider switching to something more kind. It works just as well. :)

I want to provide you with full disclosure that I was able to get this product for free.

And now, ANNOUNCING, my newest project.

The good people at Dr. Bronner's have challenged me to use ONLY Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap for 18 different purposes for 18 full days. That means if I want to ... brush my teeth ... remove my make up ... wash my dishes ... I can't grab my usual products, or whatever's around depending where I am, I MUST use Dr. Bronner's. I'm excited about it and I hope you'll follow my journey as good or bad as it goes!

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