Cheap Solution for a Wine and Cheese Party

3:36 PM

Recently my younger sister turned 22 and hosted a wine and cheese party in her backyard.

Everything was set. She bottled her own riesling. She stocked the outdoor tables with grapes, crackers, charcuterie and every imaginable cheese. String lights lined the fences and patio canopy. Guests were on their way in their finest threads.

My mom, an avid maple sapper, came up with an awesome alternative to the $100 wine chilling buckets sold in gourmet food stores: a sapping bucket to chill wine.

A few years ago we began making our own maple syrup by collecting sap and boiling it down to 1/40th its volume.

These buckets cost less than $3 each! You can find them in any hardware store.

Make sure to sanitize them just in case and get them chilling well in advance.

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