The Unbeatable Travel Item

9:09 AM

I'm writing from sunny Los Angeles and while my flight home to Canada leaves tonight I can't help but think back to when I was packing. One important thing didn't make its way into my suitcase, and it's my #1 travel tip for natural health fans.

Dr. Bronner's pure liquid castile soap.

I have used this in the past on vacation and the number of items it replaces is amazing - not to mention that it's a much cleaner alternative for you and the planet. The soap is made of only organic saponified oils. Totally vegetable-based and lake-safe for those times you pull a lumberjack bath while at the cabin.

it can be used for:
- body wash
- shampoo
- baby shampoo
- laundry soap
- dish soap
- shave gel
- vegetable rinse
- makeup remover
- toothpaste
- deoderant
- pet wash
- cloth diaper detergent

See what I mean?

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