My boy is 1!

7:42 AM

Yesterday was Oliver's birthday. (Also, the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's untimely and mysterious death.)

While I can't believe how fast the time has gone and am in utter shock that my son is not still a squirming 7 pound newborn baby, I would like to recount some of my most favourite things about this 12-month old bundle of joy.

  • Oliver has an uncanny ability to know when to applaud. He has impressed many an onlooker by giving a hand to a sentimental moment, clapping after athletes are announced at a sporting event, applauding a hilarious moment, and starting a standing ovation after a speech. 
  • Oliver has the dancing prowess of a (hopefully never existing) Rihanna-Chris Brown love child. Just crank an Usher single and let unbelievable hip hop moves ensue.
  • Oliver's palette is one pinot noir away from Geoffrey Zakarian-caliber. Example: his past 24 hours have consisted of a spicy-sushi for yesterday's lunch, a four-course wedding dinner with adult portions (roasted cauliflower-aged cheddar soup, honey-dijon dressing on spinach salad, vegan pear gallette on leek-asparagus nest with pickled wild mushrooms and brandy emulsion, and a raspberry-white chocolate truffle cake), a fruit salad with pumpernickel crouton breakfast, and a snack of fresh-from-the-garden caprese salad (basil, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cubes and balsamic vinegar).
  • Oliver and I love biking or walking to the nearby forest to pick wild berries. We never get enough to have leftovers by the time we get home but it's sure a delicious return trip.
  • Oliver has such an easy-going, adaptable temperament we're able to bring him along to many things instead of arranging a babysitter. He has attended heavy metal concerts since he was 3 months old. He has been to a few movies at the theatre - while awake and while sleeping. He attended a military air show, two weddings, and is taking his third international flight on Friday.
  • Oliver can craft a toy from anything. Some of his favourite play things are the lid from a container of Wendy's beef chili, my bottle of vanilla extract, a detached computer mouse, and most beloved of all, the blue watering can.
  • Oliver now understands my many overly repetitious commands: Gentle! Patience! Careful! Follow Mommy! Feet first! and Big Bite! Oh, and who could forget Calvin's bandmates request: Headbang!
He is a very loved little boy and as baffling as it is, a whole year has come and gone and we're thankful to have spent it with him.

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