My Most Shameful Health "No-No's"

4:17 AM

It's time to get real.

I post a lot on here about what's healthy, what's not, what I'm eating, recipes I like... but sometimes "my idea of happiness" isn't quite health-blog worthy. You may be surprised to know that days can go by that I don't really eat like a nutritionist at all.

So let's remove the veil of perfect nutrition and get down to the brass tax. Here are a few of the things I eat that might make some of my co-workers in the industry tisk disapprovingly.

  • Butter and mayonnaise by the truckload! Because of a long-time swallowing disorder (okay, am I really blaming it on that?) I have huge challenges with eating dry bread, dry muffins, etc. Almost every grain product that I eat is slathered in some kind of oil product.
  • Coffee, ten times a day. It's true - I brew a cup in the morning, have one here or there during work, make a pot when I get home, and sometimes before bed if friends are over. Never decaf! If I'm visiting my parents and sister it's even worse - those three keep a pot brewed at all times.
  • Dessert. Something about the end of a meal just makes me think: chocolate! I'm not a sweets person and I'm proud to say my hormones and magnesium levels are in check, but the last bite of mushroom pasta signals the first bite of brownie. Every time.
  • Cheese. I promise I would be a vegan if God hadn't invented cheese. 

You know what? I have a 15 minute drive to work and I start in 12 minutes. I'd love to continue this confession fest but I'll let you enjoy this short list for now.

What shameful foods do you indulge in? Let's admit it together!

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  1. PB&J sandwiches, freezies, pasta, chicken fingers and list really could go on as well. :)

  2. bahaha i just read this, Amy. I could read your blogs all day long. I can hear you narrate them.
    If we are going to unviel here...I like to add dessert between all my meals. But it evens out with all the vegetables.. I think.. :S


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