Back to work... Full time!

2:10 PM

Last week I got a call that an opportunity had come up for me to be promoted to a new child care center.

But not just any center: dun dun dun.


This means instead of heading up the food for a total of 16 children and 3 staff, I will now be charged with the health and nutrition of... well over 200 children and like 40 staff.

It's also a full time job which doubles my working hours from before. Luckily, they have an infant spot immediately for Oliver. He will spend one day a week with my mom, one day a week with Calvin's mom, and the remaining 3 (or less if Calvin has a short day/ someone else wants to watch him) will be with me at the University.

It is the largest child care center in Ontario. So, not too shabby on a resume.

I have to say, the stars have really aligned on this one because I would not have agreed to being out of the home for 40 hours a week (more like 50 when you add in driving and lunch breaks) if it weren't for the fact that he will be with me or his grandmas every day. My kitchen/"office" is steps away from Infant Room #1 so he won't be far at all.

Calvin returns to work the day after Oliver's birthday (August 5th) with a new position as well (congrats!)

We said goodbye to our first ever international student who lived with us for 3 weeks (Pedro, from Brazil) and it was a tear jerker. We grew to love him so quickly and we know we'll see him again. We said hello to our new student, Ahmad from Saudi Arabia, and are excited to get to know him more.

What else is new?

We're doing a new, exciting alternative with our homephone/internet/tv package. We're switching from Bell (boo! just as bad as Rogers!) to Magic Jack, an independent Internet company that provides unlimited bandwidth and super fast speed, and Boxy Box for tv shows. I'll be sure to let you readers know how that goes.

And that's all! Two of my best friends just had babies and I felt that I had some small part in helping them labour naturally and have beautiful, healthy little ones. I'm head over heels in love with both of these new bundles of joy.

Ah, now if only Oliver would get home from grocery shopping with Dad so that I can nurse him. It's been 9 hours: ouch!

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