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Sometimes people looking for nutrition advice ask me: What is your go to packaged snack? My answer is simple. Larabars!

If you have never heard of Larabars before I am very pleased to be the one to tell you about them.

Here is the first and probably only thing you need to know about Larabars: Their ingredients list is plain English and features less than six ingredients per bar that are entirely fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds or chocolate chips. This is the kind of food label that makes a granola like me very happy. Because they use such minimal and natural ingredients, they are certified kosher, vegan and gluten free.

Oh, and there's something else I should mention: the flavours. Here are a few of my personal favourites:
  • Pecan pie
  • Peanut butter cookie
  • Banana bread 
  • Cashew cookie
  • Coconut cream pie
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
The US even has flavours like Cappuccino and Ginger Snap. Mmmm, get me on a bridge to the States. (Incidentally, I actually do often see great prices for full cases of Larabars in the States - check Target next time you're there.)

Larabars are a great alternative to the high-sugar, high-calorie processed bars on the market today. Most "granola bars" and "protein bars" are not what I would consider healthy. They contain either white sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners - not my idea of happiness. But Larabars have only real ingredients, no added sugars or fat. Because they use pureed dates as a main ingredient they give you sustainable energy and tons of vitamins and minerals. They are healthy as heck, but still taste amazing - the apple pie flavour is loaded with walnuts, raisins and cinnamon. Oh so good. You can grab one for a snack on the go, a pick me up during class, or for a long evening bike ride. They keep well so they're awesome to store at home for kids lunches, or bring along to a camping trip.

And now you know my not-secret-at-all snack food.

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  1. Where can you find these in Canada? Do they sell them at grocery stores or do we need to go to health food stores to find them?

  2. I've seen them everywhere! Shoppers for sure, Wal Mart, grocery stores...

  3. Thanks for the tip ;) I usually make my own granola bars for the kids since I have never been able to find anything with ingredients I have been comfortable with

  4. I have a great homemade recipe for these if you want it! So easy and yummy!!

    Ps- Lara Bars full size boxes are $16 bucks at Loblaws at Hydepark and Oxford. Down from 28.88 a box!

  5. Hey Jill - if you're at band practice this week bring some homemade Lara Bars!!


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