The Thrifty Preggo: How to Save Money + Have a Baby

7:27 AM

If there's one time in your life you wanna practice money-saving, let it be during pregnancy. Okay, maybe upon being proposed to also. Not that I believe the popular notion that babies are expensive (they are not! in my experience) but I do think being prepared for whatever your new journey throws at you is best.

There are plenty of ways to get ready for your little mini-on-the-way without breaking the bank.

Make a list. Of everything you need and everything you want. Then pick your pen back up and get ready to scratch things out.
1. Do you already have something that serves this purpose? (A change table and a changing-station-addition to your pack n play? A carriage and a stroller that your car seat fits into? A co-sleeping side car and a moses basket?) Cross it out.
2. Will the need for this item not arise for six months? (Baby gates for crawlers? A lego set? A bath tub insert for babies that can sit up?) You can buy it later, with gift cards... or, at six months reevaluate all the things you have and anything you don't need that still has a tag on it, return!
3. Are you being realistic with amounts? A baby that can't walk can probably cool it with the snazzy shoes. Most babies choose 1 or 2 teddies that they like and the rest sit there. Also blankets.

Next, where to get it.

1. Buy it used. Try Kijiji or consignment stores.
2. Hint at generous family members.
3. Add it to a registry.

We've found that adding Oliver to our family has been a real pleasure and no financial strain at all. It just takes some thrifty-thinking!

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