Say No to Disposables!

1:57 PM

Isn't it hilarious how many things are disposable now-a-days? Like somehow we think using something once immediately destines it for a landfill, and pronto! There are so many products that we can choose a reusable option beyond cloth diapers and diva cups.

Paper towel - For goodness sakes use a dish cloth. Someone needs to confirm for me that I'm using the correct term there because in my Euro-mennonite upbringing we used the german word - a "lapin". However you label it, this handy piece of cloth can wipe up messes in a snap, and *news flash* it's only a bacteria magnet if you let it be. Soak it in hot water, use some vinegar, run it through the laundry or dishwasher, or even microwave it for 30 seconds to get rid of microbes. And did you know you can knit/crochet a dish cloth?

Razors - Your legs may be important to you (hey I love me a good leg) but they don't merit a new hunk of plastic every 2 weeks. Purchasing a permanent shaver with a replaceable head is a great option - or go gentleman style and use a straight edge blade. (Replaceable heads on permanent handles are a great choice - see my post on Radius Toothbrushes!)

Styrofoam cups at parties - I do declare: your party guests can be trusted with glass drinking cups and ceramic coffee mugs. If they can't, pick some up at the dollar store and you can feel better about the ones that don't make it. And as for the dishes, isn't there always that sweet friend that asks if they can help clean up? If there isn't, get the dishwasher rippin' or fill a sink up gosh-darnit. Styrofoam is the worst!

Facial cleansing cloths, take out containers, grocery bags. I rest my case!

What disposable things do you choose reusable for?

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  1. I try to go re-usable as much as possible, and if by some chance I buy groceries and don't have a bag, I will re-use the plastic one as a garbage bag (or something). Other wise, I also ue re-usable sandwich bags, jars make great drinking glasses, dish cloths (totally with you on that one--though sometimes my roomies leave it gross, which turns me off of it), paper (GOOS paper--good on one side), and im considering trying the diva cup. Seems like a no brainer, cost wise.


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