Natural Bug Repellent

5:43 AM

Our family is planning a trip to Curitiba, Brazil in June and at the top of my list of things to do is "get kids' bug spray". Possibly less important than "get passports" but I'm glad to say I crossed it off the list this week.

Not that bug spray is hard to find, not even a kids' variety, but one that meets my standards is a rare gem.

Eco.Kid is all natural, as organic as possible, fragrance free, synthetics free, artificial colour free, and is kind to the environment. This product uses wild harvested organic oils so it not only keeps bugs away but moisturizes skin at the same time.

Typical bug sprays contain DEET - have you ever read why DEET is legal? In the US, the EPA claims that it is not unsafe because exposure is brief. Then they go on to recommend that it is never used under clothes directly on skin, and that you shower immediately after use. It also says there is no age restriction on use because in lab studies the effects on the adult animals was equal to the effect on baby animals. Great. The cows and calfs got the same rash, so the government says my baby can use this chemical.

Eco.Kid actually makes a bunch of neat stuff I'm realizing, but I'm not sure if it's just for "kids" and not "babies". I'll find out!

On a side note: did someone switch my operating system to British or why does it think that "moisturizes" and "realizing" are spelling errors? Am I off?

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