How to Host a Seed Party

6:01 AM

Yesterday was my first annual Seed Party! I had a blast, a ton of good food, and have now committed to growing like 30 odd vegetables in my garden this year (yikes and yay).

Considering a package of seeds is about $2 - 3 but contains much more than the average person uses, hosting a seed party is a fun way for everyone to share, therefore getting everything that they want to grow and ultimately getting hundred of dollars in vegetables for the price of a seed package or 2. Plus, people with additional gardening experience can help those who are just starting out. 

1. Make a guest list. Go beyond just your closest friends, or the people who you think love gardening. I invited a whole group of women that totally inspire me. The youngest guests were 3 months and 7 months in utero, and 2 and 7 month-old babies also. I made sure my garden-goddess mama was there, and told my friends that their moms were welcome too. Keep in mind that you can expect a 50 - 75% attending rate from who you invite. It helped that my party was on a Saturday afternoon and that children were welcome.

2. Set up. I chose the laborious task of handmaking small envelopes for people to take seeds home in. I purchased patterned scrapbooking paper and cut each sheet into 16 equal squares, then folded the corners in and glued the lower half to make a small envelope. Planning for 11 people taking 10 varieties home each, I made 110 envelopes. (I... well, we... Bethany helped a lot too.) I also set out my own seeds - in a used baby wipe pail no less - as well as blank labels, pens and markers, and a few books about gardening so that people could read up on questions they had.

3. Explain the method and let everyone have fun. In the picture below Zach is helping me choose seeds for a friend who couldn't make it to the party. (We chose beans, peas, spinach, tomatoes, carrots and pumpkins!)


4. Don't forget the food! I provided watermelon lemonade, cucumber-mint spa water, coffee, tea, rosemary chocolate-chip shortbread and morning glory muffins that I had just pulled out of the oven from baking with my friend Nancy. Bethany brought her famous pineapple salsa. My mom made flax crackers with cream cheese and sprouts. And so much more! (I would continue listing but Oliver needs some attention. Cheers.)

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