500 Days of Mummer

7:59 PM

If my math is correct, today marks the 500th day that my little Iver has received most of his nourishment from his mama.

For the 40 beautiful weeks that he grew inside of me, my every bite was shared with him.

He was exclusively breastfed from 2 minutes old to around 5 months.

Now he enjoys the occasional fruit or veggie but still relies on his dear friend, the breast, to provide his nutrition.

I'm sure soon my milk will become that morning and night treat that gives us bonding time and provides a nutritional safety net, then before I know it he'll be fully weaned and ready to do crazy things like go to overnight summer camp. I don't know how that will feel for me.

But I'm so happy for the past 500 days because it's made me feel capable and natural and needed.

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