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12:49 PM

Guest Blogger: Angela Goertz
It's maple season! We've been boiling down our sap for over a week now and have used it in some pretty amazing ways already. Here are 50 ways that you can use maple syrup.

1. Chili - add a tablespoon of syrup to the pot for added sweetness
2. Walnut ice cream - a classic flavor at any parlor
3. Pancakes – a traditional pairing, simple and delicious
4. Roasted nuts – better than honey roasted
5. Pork chops – glazed in syrup, sweet and savory
6. Bacon – the best part about eating bacon beside pancakes
7. Yogurt – sweeten with syrup instead of sugar
8. Granola – nutty, sweet and crunchy
9. Ribs – sticky and smoky
10. Coffee sweetener – next time pass on the Splenda
11. Burgers – Calvin’s specialty (my brother-in-law)
12. Coffee cake – add sweetness and flavor
13. Butter tarts - with pecans, raisins or walnuts
14. Waffles – extra crispy, with syrup that fills every indentation
15. Cinnamon rolls – sticky glaze under a cream cheese frosting
16. Salmon – maple glazed salmon, a restaurant favourite
17. Lemonade – sweeten citrus with a natural sweetener
18. Candy – just like at a sugar bush
19. Muffins – sure to get anyone out of bed
20. Icing – perfect on cake, cupcakes, or out of the bowl
21. Bananas foster – rum, cinnamon, syrup, and fried bananas over vanilla ice cream
22. Cream cheese on a bagel – dessert and breakfast in one
23. Apple crisp – oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, and syrup-sweetened apples
24. Chicken wings – maple-garlic, like honey-garlic
25. Butternut squash soup – add syrup to steamed squash or sweet potatoes, plus chicken stock and puree
26. Apple cider – sweeten warm cider and add a dollop of whip
27. Oatmeal – a quick, healthy breakfast any morning
28. Ginger molasses cookies – two natural sweeteners in one tasty cookie
29. Rice pudding – stir into rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon
30. Glazed carrots – glaze peeled carrots, keep the greens attached for presentation
31. Canadian milkshake – like at an old-school diner only in the Great White North
32. Banana bread – nutty, moist, full of flavor
33. Glazed ham – sure to please the whole family
34. Breakfast sausages – making delicious ingredients even more delicious
35. Baked beans – a quick snack or a side-dish
36. Rhubarb pie - sweeten this tart fruit and add another flavor profile
37. Peanut brittle – get your candy thermometer ready
38. Maple fudge – a rich and easy dessert
39. Snickerdoodles – another maple-cinnamon pairing
40. Meatloaf – a spin on a traditional family favourite
41. Roasted sweet potatoes – flavorful and nutrient-rich
42. Scones – have a tea party with the girls
43. Pumpkin pie – a perfect autumn treat
44. Rum sauce – great on ice cream and everything else
45. Roast chicken – sticky syrup on crispy roasted skin
46. Barbecue sauce – balanced flavors with a hint of sweetness
47. Carrot cake – add syrup to the batter or frosting
48. Beef stew – sweeten a savory stew to elevate flavors
49. French toast – soak in syrup with a hint of cinnamon
50. Poached pears – a beautiful and simple dessert

You can read about how we make maple syrup from scratch (well, trees) here on Mom's almost-never-updated blog.

Angela Goertz is my blondest sister. Equal parts intelligent and creative, Angela spends impressive stretches of time studying for her degree in Health, often pulling top marks that even make professors raise a brow. She currently lives in the same forest community that I grew up in, watching deer through her window and she puts on make-up and, of course, retrieving sap from the maple trees. Two times daily. She eats a ton of yogurt.

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