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Company: Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals, American (California)
Product: The 7 Essentials Collection
Claims: Natural; "Chirally Correct"*; free of chemical parabens, added fillers, artificial colours and artificial fragrances; no animal testing

* Chirality is the duality of each molecule - having 2 sides - and Sircuit Skin uses this technology to ensure each ingredient is in its correct, most-active form. Attention to this detail is pretty rare in the cosmetics industry. It is a very cool feature of their products.

Ingredients: (click each product for a page listing more information, including ingredients):

Certifications: Cruelty-free, Safe Cosmetics, Recyclable
Price: $68 for the entire collection

My review
The first thing I noticed about my Sircuit Skin collection was: awesome packaging! They've done a great job at branding this line with catchy names, cute boxes and practical containers. I get a good vibe from a company when I see that their products are stored in containers that don't promote bacterial growth (if you have to stick your fingers in a pot and then apply it near your eyes, it's risky - choose products with sprays or other application methods). The relative sizing was just right too: who wants a skin care regime that features a teeny tiny day cream and a giant bottle of toner when you know you'll go through the cream quicker? Considering these facts, their pronounceable ingredients and the science behind their website's information, this is a company I can trust.

Sircuit Skin uses ingredients that practically make the formulas look homemade. They are real life, wholesome ingredients that do a good job and aren't toxic. 

X-Trap is a super gentle face wash. I often come across cleansers that I consider "shower-only" which means they're so sloppy or foamy or sticky, or just won't wash off easily without residue left behind, that you need to use it only in the shower when you can really give your face a solid rinse. That's not the case with this one: I just apply a small amount to my face, give it a rub, and rinse it off easily, and the feeling after is pure refreshment. I was really excited to find a product that smells not only good, but natural. Some products smell great, but they smell fake - like a pineapple breeze hair treatment - something about it makes you leery that it's full of chemicals.

Molecular Mist is a genius product. I've had fun showing this to friends that have come over to my place. It is literally a moisturizer that sprays onto your face in a light mist. It smells great, contains natural products and it's just what my face needs. Imagine just the lightest little drink that your skin is calling for - not a heavy lotion that makes you look greasy. This I love, I want to take it with me everywhere. Day Care is somewhat of a more intense moisturizer but still very lightweight and Cloud 9 is the night-time version.

Addict is a pre-moisturizer serum that comes in a super apothecary-chic dropper bottle, almost tincture-style. You can feel it working and my skin looks amazing after a drop or two. Sir Activ is another one that makes me feel good about the look of my skin - it's a scrub that has the perfect amount of grit to remove dead skin but keep the live stuff intact. It contains zeolites which are like little minerals from volcanoes that act as cages to pull pollutants and toxins from your skin. Probably the easiest detox I've ever done!

Lastly, my favourite, White Out: an under eye lightening treatment. There truly are so many brilliant things in natural to help with under eye darkness and puffiness, but we so quickly go to super-chemical-laden solutions because it is such an annoying problem. White Out uses certain nutrients to reduce inflammation (very logical!), others that disperse light (high-tech!), detoxify and protect against future toxins (so smart!), heal and firm the skin (why didn't I think of that!), and boost collagen production to yield that smooth, young look (outright brilliant!). As a girl who deals with the problem of dark under eye circles, who doesn't want to resort to icky drugstore products - I'm so happy White Out is around.

One of their very helpful reps also sent me this lip balm - Mangilla - to check out. Though good natural lip balms are pretty easy to find these days, I'm always on the look out for one with the right consistency. So many of them are too hard (during cold weather especially) and nearly the rest of them are too soft (requiring you to constantly ask friends if you have anything on your lips), but this one delivers that smooth, not-too-soft, not-too-hard texture that I'm always hunting for. Thank you Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals - you make amazing natural products!

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