Radius Toothbrushes

6:49 AM

Following my homemades for your mouth post yesterday I want to tell you about the best of the best in toothbrush options. (On this theme, I have a natural, dental health post planned as well.)

The Radius toothbrush was the brain child of architects living in the Caribbean who were annoyed with a few things about conventional toothbrushes: first of all, the small head which causes high pressure, harmful brushing (they made theirs big and therefore gentle); the thick bristles (Radius bristles are 1/4 the size of Oral B); the uncomfortable handle - especially for lefties (all of their handles are interchangeable and mundo-comfortable) and the "throw away" nature (theirs have replaceable heads, so you use the same main product forever). Using replaceable heads eliminates 93% of the waste associated with toothbrushes.

Radius is committed to being eco-friendly. My toothbrush is made of bio-plastic recovered from old American dollar bills (they also offer flax and wood handles). The packaging is 65% renewable resources. They are cruelty-free. They are manufactured on low-energy machines and everything is recyclable. They are BPA free. What more can you ask for?

For me the most exciting thing is that they now make baby toothbrushes (which I haven't tried yet - Oliver's teeth are still on their way).

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