Product Review: J.R. Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve

6:26 AM

Company: J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary, American (Winona, MN)
Product: Hand & Cuticle Salve (in Lavender), 59 grams
Claims: 99.5% natural, soothes and protects dry, rough skin, "never doctored up like big city, factory products", natural since 1868, not tested on animals, SLS free, paraben free, phthalate free, mineral oil/petrolatum free, dye free

Ingredients: Canola oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, lavender oil, chamomile oil, eucalyptus oil, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) - Also comes in Lemon, and Aloe/Green Tea

Certifications: Natural Products Association
Price: Around $10

My review
I've been a loyal Burt's Bees Gardeners Hand Salve customer for many years but when I saw Food Inc and realized that many seemingly harmless companies are owned by big bully corporations I looked further into this trend and found out that Burt's Bees was purchased by Clorox Bleach. (Tom's toothpaste is owned by Colgate, Kashi is owned by Kellogg's, Naked Juice is owned by Pepsi, The Body Shop is owned by Nestle... to name a few.) J.R. Watkins is an awesome alternative because they have been run by sweet people near the Mississippi River for over a hundred years and aren't stopping anytime soon. Their ingredients read like a dream - nothing suspicious or unneeded. I could make this product in my bathroom.

The salve goes on smooth and somewhat oily, which is its job. It acts as a protective layer against the elements. While we're still braving winter and all the cold, blustery winds that come with it, I've found it great for keeping moisture in my hands. This spring when I break ground and start gardening again, it's going to be perfect. 

It does double duty, smoothing out cracked and dry cuticles, which instantly transformed the look of my hands. I think the nail area can have a huge effect on the look of your hands (much like eyebrows on your face). 

The smell is out of this world. That's what happens when you use real ingredients that speak for themselves. I keep this on my nightstand so that I can rub a little on before I fall asleep (and to help me fall asleep! It is very relaxing). A little tin full of aromatherapy - and don't think I don't have plans for this tin when I run out of product. 

J.R. Watkins never fails to impress me. I love this product and it makes me want to stock a whole bathroom full of their apothecary treats!

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  1. Love JR Watkins but haven't seen their stuff in Canada. Where can I pick this up?

  2. it was a gift - I don't know where it came from! I've seen their stuff at shoppers, Wal-Mart, zellers and sobeys

  3. A little late but here's the official answer: In Canada you can purchase this at Shoppers Drug Mart, online at or through a J.R. Watkins consultant.

    I am in the process of discovering what a JRW consultant is but it sounds interesting!


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