Post-Holiday Weight Loss

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For most people the next few weeks could be described as a holiday-recovery period. Wrapping paper is recycled, over-sized turkey roasting pans are put back into storage, and quiet meditations are spent rehabilitating from extended family-overload. However, if you’re like most you also have something else to deal with: holiday weight gain.

The New York Times recently reported that gains aren’t as bad as previously calculated - more accurately about a pound per person, each holiday season - but the problem is that most people never lose that pound. Year after year they accumulate, and for those already overweight the average gains are worse: about five pounds per holiday season. But if your snow pants are feeling a little more snug than before eggnog hit the shelves, perhaps some unconventional methods may help your cause.

Photo credit: Sarah Goertz
Here are some tricks to losing weight that go beyond calorie restriction and exercise:

- Have your thyroid checked

- Keep blood sugars in check with a chromium-cinnamon supplement

- Stay hydrated

- Have a Naturopath assess your hormones

- Have a Holistic Allergist assess your food and environmental sensitivities (my recommendation:

- Do a spring detox to rid yourself of harmful chemicals

With all the candy canes and fruit cakes, it’s no wonder holiday weight gain happens. What’s important is that post-holiday weight loss is achievable with these handy tips.

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  1. Do you have any recommended detox programs? It's something I've just started looking into and would love your thoughts.

    1. I don't necessarily promote any one system... I like the idea of going raw vegan for a month and taking a blend of herbs (a tea of dandelion, Burdock, red raspberry, etc) in combination with Epsom salt baths but if you want a store product I recommend Florescence



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