Home Tour Day 2: Bedroom!

1:12 PM

Again, the challenge is, post photos of your home in the following categories: 

Day 1: Where you and your family eat
Day 2: Where you and your family sleep
Day 3: Where you and your family work/play
Day 4: Where you and your family relax
Day 5: Favorite parts of your house that make it YOUR home

 The charger station and my closet door.

My side, that I tend to share with Oliver.

The bed (a present from my parents) - on the side from left to right is Cal's TV and DVD's, the bathroom door and then obviously our nightstands and bed.

You can also see our clothing steamer and the door to Calvin's walk-in closet.

I like the double door into the room, and we still haven't hung our mirror! So bad!

We don't sleep here, but the bathroom doesn't fit in any other category, so here it is. On the counter is our toothbrushes (mine's a Radius, see previous post), homemade wintergreen toothpaste, homemade soap, sink, and a hand towel.

Not cute to post but we got the pail as a wedding gift and the flower was also from a friend.

Where Oliver sleeps (kind of). We're transitioning him from co-sleeping/Montessori floor bed, into his own room. This crib is natural North American FSC-certified wood, hand-made from my Grandpa! The black bear is from my Opa. The art is from Ashley. The mobile, sleep sheep and monitor were all gifts from baby showers too. My mom made the moose/owl quilt. The hint of wood rocking chair you can see on the left was refurbished from the garbage by my dad (a fellow eco-friend) and it houses a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey that Oliver hasn't grown into yet. My dad also refurbished a change table for Oliver. Handy guy.

 This is Ollie's view. So many owls!

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