Home Tour Day 1

10:43 AM

So the challenge is, post photos of your home in the following categories: 

Day 1: Where you & your family eat

Day 2: Where you & your family sleep
Day 3: Where you & your family work & play
Day 4: Where you & your family relax
Day 5: Favorite parts of your house that make it YOUR home
I have a massively busy weekend (birthday dinner for my dad tonight, then a CD release concert for my friend Zach's band after, lots to do tomorrow which I'll post about and a packed day after church on Sunday too) so I'm going to split this up into a delayed schedule.

But here's day 1!

Our kitchen... we've always stood by the fact that we want to design our own kitchen since we're self-proclaimed foodies and my grandpa owns a cabinetry business, but this one is nice enough that we can handle it for now. I keep my espresso machine and preserves on top of the fridge as you can see. There's always 2 coffee makers on the far counter (one whole-bean brewer, one Keurig quick brew), and always a skillet and kettle on the stove. From there we've got a zesting plane, pepper grinder and wood spoons on the oven top, the Kitchen Aid architect-series stand mixer, a toaster, wood cutting board, Henckle knife plane, and far over past the sink there's a magnetic board above the phone.

 We eat a decent amount at the island bar. I read magazines there too.

This stove needs to be re-calibrated - I think it's baking about 50 degrees lower than the read out.

Under the sink we have reusable bags, a bunch of homemade and store bought cleaners, garbage bags and essential oils.

My baking cupboard. You can see wheat germ, popcorn, baking soda, molasses, coconut and agave.

The actual dining area. Right now it's being used for a really hard puzzle. On the far right you can see Oliver's high chair.


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