The Holidays, and, Becoming a Pirate

11:48 AM

Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day were incredible. Although only 4 months old, Oliver got the hang out gift opening and was blessed beyond imagine by family members. (Calvin and I were also.)

Then New Years Eve we took off to Niagara Falls for what I'd consider to be Canada's biggest party and got to see some outdoor rock shows including - my childhood favourite band - Our Lady Peace. Oliver slept from his 8pm feeding in Starbucks, until after the countdown when we were back at Grandpa's house for the night. That includes 3 large fireworks shows. He's the best.

In the morning we had some greasy breakfast at a local diner that was peppered with some attitude by the owner's wife - what a snoot! Then we attended my aunt's Family and Friends Skate Party which was thrown as a thank you to the people involved with Borscht for Ben. So fun!

Sadly, a day later I noticed a terrible pain in my eye and lots of fluid coming out of it. By the next day, Monday, I was in such bad pain I was gagging and couldn't keep my eyes open. The doctor told me I have a corneal abrasion and I need to wear an eye patch and take medication - which I hate! Does anyone have any natural suggestions for dealing with this?

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