Planting Phenology

5:15 PM

I might be a huge gardening geek for reading a planting book in December but I've just learned a really cool science and it's worth sharing. Phenology. It's the study of indicator plants, used to determine weather conditions that guide your planting time line.

Here are some tips:
  • Plant chard, spinach, beets and onions when daffodils bloom
  • Plant peas when maple trees flower
  • Plant potatoes when white oak's leaves are the size of a cat's eat
  • Plant beans and cucumbers when apple trees drop their petals
  • Plant tomatoes and eggplants when black locust trees flower
And, most interesting - plant anything just before it rains because it will be well watered. How do you know when it'll rain?
  • Swallows will swoop low to the ground because the insects they eat fly closer to the ground (difference in air pressure)
Just a little early December gardening tip from your local geek!

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