The Overnight Bag

9:51 AM

When your big, strong, hockey-player husband and best friend-roommate are out shopping and, home alone with your precious baby son, you here a crash downstairs (on Boxing Day - the national day of home robberies) what do you do?

Grab a phone, a weapon, a soft blanket and a library book (The Backyard Homestead by Storey Publishing) and lock yourselves in the ensuite bathroom.

So we're sitting here hanging out and I decided to write about my overnight bag since we have a tradition of spending Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas morning with Cal's, it requires a sleepover.

I really only pack a few things if you don't count diapers and the like. An outfit for the next day, maybe even just a clean shirt and undies. And the worst having to pack all my toiletries so I just put on light makeup the day before and sleep with it on. I don't wash my hair everyday, so really all I need is a toothbrush (I own 2 so that I don't have to bother transferring them), toothpaste (I currently have Himalaya at home and Hakeem Herbal in my always packed bag), and for touch ups: mascara (I use Lavera at home, raw EarthLab packed) and concealer (Korres at home, Lavera packed). And can't forget a few bobby pins!

So that's my overnight bag! I hope you enjoyed your holidays! Check our my mom's new site:

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