Drool Scarf

11:12 AM

Oliver is approaching his four month birthday, and with that milestone comes many joys: He is now fully conversational (although I haven't figured out the language he speaks), he can sit up on his own (it usually ends up with him doubled over on his face, but it's cute), he attempts to crawl, he plays with toys very purposefully and he can roll over front to back and back to front. The only hiccup that this age brings is... the symptoms of teething! He doesn't seem bothered so I assume we're not far into it, but he is drooling like a leaky faucet.
In hopes of sparing his shirts I set out to make him some drool scarves. Some moms also use these for spit up, but I'm happy to say that's almost a nonexistent problem for my little guy. The idea came from a friend and fellow mom, Kayla in Alberta, and it was easy to find a pattern online.
I started by cutting an old soft blanket into triangles - 12" x 12" x 17". It made 8 pieces. Then I cut Calvin's old cotton t-shirts into the same size - 4 of them to line the double-sided scarves that the 8 pieces of blanket would make. When you choose fabric, make sure at least one is absorbent. I had my mom fold the pieces into a mock-hem, and sew around the edges, with the blanket fabric on the outsides, nice side facing out, and the t-shirt in the middle for thickness and absorbency. After sewing all 3 sides, on all 4 scarves, we also added velcro on the front top left and back top right so the scarves are easy to secure around his neck.

It's important that babies don't sleep with a drool scarf on.

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