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You may have seen a while back when I posted about a new line of sandals that I'm so excited about... well they are finally resting comfortably between my toes! I know it's funny to get excited about summer footwear in December, but hey - one of my latest posts was on when to plant seeds so I'm allowed to get excited about comfortable shoes that are appropriate in six months from now.

Chipkos specializes in eco-friendly footwear by protecting one hundred square feet of the rain forest per product purchased. I feel good about myself already.

Their sandals (I got them in red) are inspired by the classic Indian "Osho chappal" which, in India, represent a a connection with the Earth, spiritual awareness, and mindful thought. I already love how comfortable they are and how durable they seem. The bottom is super non-slip and appropriate for inside or outside. (As the website says "urban dwelling or outdoor adventuring" which I love). They are 100% vegan and are produced with low impact, environmentally friendly materials.

Click here and use code AHIMSA to get 10% off through me!

In other news, our fraiser fir is up. I have advent going and flourless gingerbread made and homemade cards as usual.

Oliver and I are off to the library to get magazines for our cottage trip.

How are you making Christmas planet-friendly?

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