Baby's First Foods

7:05 AM

Oliver is the following things:

Four months old.
Hungry every hour.
Trying to grab food from my hands/ fork/ plate.
Waking up to eat more during the night.

I honestly wanted to wait until 6 months to start him on solids but he is showing a lot of signs of wanting to start asap! Before I jump into anything, I have some research to do.

Conventional knowledge and recommendations tell us to start with a brown rice baby cereal. Easy enough, it's simple to change the consistency, relatively low risk for allergies, and seems easy to digest... but new sources say there's a better way to go.

I'm now reading about how an infant's digestive system is not suited for grains yet. Not for a while. They say fattier foods like egg yolk, coconut oil, butter and animal livers are perfect first foods.

As I'm still in the beginning of my research I don't want to claim to know much at all about this. So, what's your opinion?

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  1. I've read too much bad on starting babes before 6 months. It's hard on their tummies since their intestines aren't built for it yet, puts them at risk to developing allergies, obesity, and a lot of pedi's believe feeding a baby solids wont help with sleeping through the night, either! Just my opinion. You gotta do what you think is best for Ollie though!

  2. There soooo much info out there! I was there 4 months ago and waited until a week shy of 6 months. Started with simple fruits & veggies and decided to try brown rice cereal after 2 weeks... well, we ended up in the emergency room. I gave him a store bought cereal and it had traces of milk in it. ER Dr. told me that fruits & veggies was smart and to make my own cereals but to introduce it slowly mixed with breastmilk (or formula) or fruits for easy digestion.
    I guess every baby is different. I started my first baby at 4 & a half months with no problems.
    I guess you just need to do what's right for your own little one. Trust your instincts. You know your baby best :)

    I also found really great info on- Super awesome blog/website that saved me lots of time and searching.
    Good luck with your research :)

  3. I started Isaac on veggies when he was six months - but he had crazy reactions so I backed off and continued to breastfeed exclusively until he was almost one. Babes don't need ANYTHING else before a year. Then we returned to veggies and meat...a bit of fruit (I have major concerns with sugar) and grains were the last thing we did. I do find them to be very hard on the system and cause a lot of inflammation.

    Like everyone else said, you need to do what is right for you and your Oliver. I do think if you want him to eat solids sooner than 1 year, that fats and protein are the way to go - they will give him all the good stuff he needs and the fats will help satiate him through the night.



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