Try It Tuesday: Serve Beer in the Right Glass

12:31 PM

The beer enthusiast would argue that each sparkling glass contains an array of B vitamins and all the glorious benefits of fermentation, but let's be frank: beer isn't the healthiest thing on Earth.

Even so, there's something to be said of being dedicated to a craft and becoming a master of your interest. I myself laugh at the research articles that claim coffee is harmful to your overall health and choose to, instead, spend my time perfecting the classic French press.

In hopes of inspiring you to elevate your nightly brew to more than just a one-dollar can, I bring to you: How to Serve Beer in the Right Glass!

Inspired by the wildly entertaining book: Show Me How
A compulsive library-grab from last week that has proven to be most aesthetically pleasing and strangely inspiring. It offers illustrated instructions on a variety of tasks, from quite necessary to ultimate party trick, including: How to Install a Tire Swing, How to Defend Against a Shark Attack, and, How to Tango.

A Belgian ale or barley wine goes great in a tulip glass. The bulbous body and flared lip will make the most of its hearty aroma.

The Weizenbier glass is great for wheat beer because its shape showcases fluffy foam and golden hues.

A strong ale is great in a snifter because the big bowl captures aromas and concentrates them at the glass's lip.

In the US, ales and lagers are typically served in a straight-edged "poor man's pint" glass measuring a measly 475ml.

In England it's illegal to serve a pint less than 600ml and they use a glass with a slight bulge to allow for more head.

Anything with a malty flavour will taste best in a goblet as it traps the flavours and retains hearty head.

Lastly, a flute's elegant form, often used for champagne, boosts carbonation and will compliment fruity and lambic beers.

No matter what your favourite style of beer is it deserves the right glass. Serve anything from a hefty Guinness to a Bud Light to the new Rickard's Blonde (in sampler packs now!) and you're sure to impress. Just be sure that one of your guests knows they're on dishes duty.

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