The Most Satisfying Five Minutes of Your Life

5:52 PM

I just read this article in the January 2011 issue of Real Simple magazine and it's a great little list of extremely satisfying things you can do if you have five minutes to spare.

Call your dad.
Check your voicemail.
Move the random files on your computer desktop to the correct folders.
Refold your sweaters and stack them by colour.
Floss your teeth.
Water the plants.
Sew on a button.
Pitch three expired items from the refrigerator.
Put to-be-donated clothes in a bag by the door.
Untangle a necklace.
Find that top that got lost in your closet.
Test pens or markers and toss the dead ones.
Arrange your hangers so they face the same way.
Clear off the top of the refrigerator.
Remove gum wrappers, receipts and ATM slips from your purse.
Test your smoke alarms.
Write a thank-you note that you've been putting off.
Walk around your house with a can of white paint and do touch-ups.
Download the pictures on your camera to your computer.
Throw out old coupons.
Empty the bathroom wastebaskets.
Match up socks and throw away solos.
Transfer dates from invitations and flyers to your calendar.
Return that movie.
Locate all your critical pot tops and nest them together.
Check your magazine stack and eliminate half.
Read an old journal entry.
Ditch old or finished shampoos from your shower stall.
Neaten up the freezer.
Do two yoga poses.
Reply to three pressing emails.
Charge your portable devices.
Sweep under the kitchen table.

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