How to Use Google Reader

9:08 AM

It won't boost my credibility but I'll say it: I learn a lot from blogs. Okay, okay, I also went to University for nutrition and am currently a student of holistic nutrition so don't lose hope in me, but truly: blogs are an incredible way to stay current and discover things that you otherwise wouldn't. As you can see from my Resources page I love food blogs. I also love to look at home design blogs, crafting blogs and anything about parenting pre-crawlers.

If you're not one to bookmark or memorize all your favourite links and visit them sequentially (be honest: how strange and dorky is that?) you should check out Google Reader. It keeps track of all of your most beloved blogs and shows you which have new posts. I recommend it to you, not only so that you'll add me to your queue and visit my posts more regularly, but because it's been a dream for me. It's easy to use.

1. Visit the link above, and sign into your Google account or make a new one.
2. Visit your favourite blogs. Check their page for an RSS link (Really Simple Syndication - it's a way of subscribing to a blog) and click it. Mine is here: My Idea of Happiness RSS Link. If given an option, choose Google.
3. Simply click Subscribe.

Now every time you visit your Reader page you'll get all the latest updates of new posts. For this blog, that's about 3 times a week so enjoy!

If you want suggestions for blogs to subscribe to, visit my Resources page. If you've got a cool blog I'd love to see it! Post your link in a comment below.

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