How to Take Homeopathic Medicine

7:08 AM

1. Choose the right remedy and the right potency. A low potency (30c) is recommended when you're starting out - it is effective on a wider range of symptoms. Higher potencies are more specific and you'll need to be sure you have the exact one, which requires the help of a homeopath.

Check out this comprehensive list of remedies by symptom.

2. Transport them home, and store them, safely. Keep your remedies away from electromagnetic fields (laptops, cell phones). When you take them, pop them directly from the package to your mouth, don't touch them.

3. Dissolve 3 pellets under your tongue, at least half an hour after eating or drinking (other than water). Wait another half hour til eating/drinking again. The worst things for decreasing a remedy's effectiveness are strong flavours - think coffee, peppermint, etc. Some toothpastes are available mint-free for this very reason.

4. You can take this dose every hour for an acute case. On a regular basis 3 times a day is enough.

5. Stop taking the remedy when you feel better.

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