Eco-Friendly Footwear

9:34 AM

Shoes aren't the first thing that come to find when you resolve to making your life more environmentally-friendly. In fact, going shoeless is often my modus operandi when I'm at my hippiest. But every few days when the fruit basket gets low or some library books near their due date, my little size-7 feet need some cover to brave the sidewalks.

You've heard of Toms - the shoe company that vows to donate a pair to a child in need everytime you purchase one. Love them - own a pair in pop-bottle green. But here's another great company that I've stumbled across:

398627_Chipkos Footwear - Protect the Rain Forest with every Purchase - Use Promo Code AHIMSA for 10% off.

Where Toms promises a human-rescue-plan, Chipkos supports a planet-rescue-plan. I don't have a pair yet, but I'm able to offer 10% off to my readers using the code AHIMSA at the checkout. And I'm sure "my readers" includes myself :)

It's great when outer apparel can also help a cause. I can't wait for the day when baby onesies help save whales or something.. because with the way Oliver's growing we'd have the ocean saved in no time.

Everyone check out the link and use your feet to do the talking.

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  1. Very cool, Amy. I wish they had more than just sandals though. Still, come summer.... :)

    ps - you and oliver want to come for lunch someday soon?

  2. We'd love to. I need to plan a village trip asap, is there a day next week that works for you? I'll check on car availablility.


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