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It's that time again... when my mom and I roll up our sleeves and get covered in rice flour and chocolate chips!

This year we are offering gluten-free baking for the holidays at an affordable price. We'd like orders to be in by December 1st so start deciding now. If you want pick up/delivery earlier, let us know and we can arrange something. We are offering:

  • Buttery shortbread
  • Coconut lemon bars
  • Peanut butter chip squares
  • Skor toffee bars
  • Caramel nut bars
  • Christmas fudge
  • Candy cane brownies
  • Hazelnut sandies
  • Sugar cookies
  • Santa's thumbprints
  • Ginger molasses cookies
  •  Peanut butter marshmallow cups - $7.50 per tray
  • Rum balls
     - $9 per tray
  • Lemon poppyseed loaf - $7.50 per loaf
  • Cranberry-orange drizzle loaf - $7.50 per loaf
  • Pecan tarts - $9 per tray
  • Boozy Christmas cake - $12 per cake

They are $8 per tray unless specified, and they are perfectly DELICIOUS.

What an amazing thing to have in your home for a party when you know someone with Celiac will be attending, or to have in your freezer for those moments when a friend drops by and needs a gluten-free treat to go with their coffee. Great for kids lunches, or to send with your child to a friend's birthday party if they can't have the cake. Also make a great gift! Or just something to cuddle as you watch Christmas movies (I recommend the caramel nut bars as a cuddling partner - they've always done the trick for me).

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