31 Days: Day 7, 8 and 9

10:49 AM

Well, on Friday I have absolutely not a clue what I did. I think my mom and sisters came over. We went on a really long walk right? We saw deer. Oliver had his first swing ride and slide ride. Beyond that, hmm? I think I made tacos!

Saturday - I had tea with Ashley and we took Oliver on a long forest walk. We saw my friend the heron named Seb. Then we got beautiful for a wedding. She had a braid, I had curls (only momentarily). Caleb and Leigh-Anne's ceremony at the church was beautiful. Then we went to Cal's parents' house and had looong naps and spent the afternoon being lazy. We ate turkey sausages and salad for dinner then went to the dance at 7:30. It was amazing - Bethany and I did spend most of the night wearing weird hats, and that is okay.

I'll just sum up today as well because I know by the time tomorrow hits I won't remember it. :) Today we went to church and are now home, though strangely aren't eating lunch yet. Calvin is making a turkey with lemons and allspice. We are having Thanksgiving dinner at his parents' house (and then tomorrow will be with my parents).

This year I'm more thankful than I've ever been - for reasons that are mainly obvious, but some are not. I am thankful for the big things like a husband who knows to buy me fair trade roses instead of conventional, and who will remember to tape the Office for me if I'm not going to be home. I am thankful for a healthy, growing son who thinks I'm funny and who smiles when he sees me. I'm thankful for a mom, dad and sisters who are my best friends. I'm thankful that Jillian still loves me even though she lives in Europe, and that Bethany would gladly bring me her own garlic from home because I ran out, and that Ashley has the same feelings on homelessness that I do, and that Jordan laughs at the same SNL skits I do, and that Brittanie would gladly give me a front french braid any time I asked. I'm thankful for Stephanie Ross, Angela Mercer and Stef Joseph who teach me what it means to be an incredible woman. I'm thankful for a warm bed, a jar of dried lentils and a pair of wool slippers to wear around the house. I'm thankful that when I water a tomato seed in the soil it grows into a plant. I'm thankful that my prime minister doesn't want me dead, and that my employer thinks I'm smart and that my heart beats the right number of times per minute.

We are so blessed and it's really special to take this time every year to remember that.

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