31 Days: Day 3

5:36 AM

Let's see. Yesterday I spent a good part of the morning on a secret project. Sorry if that's not very interesting, or infinitely too interesting. Around lunch I took Oliver on the longest walk of his 2 month long life. We have a few different 45 minute routes that we alternate between - I decided to do all of them. When we got home I made roasted carrots, apples & beets for lunch. Then my mom and sister came over and we made apple cinnamon muffins and learned about making baby food. I did some laundry and dishes while they played with Ollie. Not long after they left Calvin came home and said that his new phone had some in at the store so we packed up and went to the mall. I feel like we basically spent the entire evening at Telus. Once he finally got his phone we picked up groceries, came home, made dinner and watched How I Met Your Mother. Then I finished my semi-snood scarf (yes!) and fell asleep to Anchorman. Around midnight, once I was already sound asleep in bed, Calvin came waltzing in and decided he'd like to spend the next 20 minutes bugging me for no good reason. So I promised him for every minute he kept me awake I would wake him up that much earlier in the morning.

6:10am this morning when Oliver got hungry I decided we'd have a nice loud conversation while nursing, with the bedroom overhead light on full. Sorry Cal :)

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