31 Days: Day 24

1:56 PM

We've just come back from the cottage and it was an incredible time! My favourite moments were the breakfast consisting of a full loaf of toast, a dozen fried eggs, a wheel of smoked gouda & a lb of cheese. Topped off with Fire Roasted Coffee, of course; and, going for a fall walk with Oliver & Nova (Ren & Meg's dog).

So today is going to be a lazy one (gotta recover from that uber-relaxing weekend?) - I am going to tidy up a bit, maybe walk some magazines back to the library, and hopefully do some crafts with Ashley. Now that I know what type of squash I have on my hands (kabocha) I'm going to bake it up for dinner since Cal won't be here (work and band photo shoot - sad).

Enjoy my earlier post about 20 ways to eat pumpkin... other than pie!

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